57+ Best Free Tumblr Themes

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Tumblr is one of the world’s most popular social media networks. Tumblr offers a microblogging service that allows users to share any form of content from short text to multimedia like pictures, gifs and short videos to a short-form blog. The service has hundreds of millions of blogs (over 300 million) that gets more than 500 million visitors per month. These users are daily sharing blogs, visual content and links for other users to enjoy which has built a substantial Tumblr community. Because Tumblr is very customizable it makes it easy for fellow bloggers to find and follow what they love and build niche communities based on the content.

Although everyone knows about Tumblr, its usage is ubiquitous among the younger demographic. With more than half of the service’s visitors under the age of 25. However this doesn’t mean the service isn’t alive and well, in fact its usage seems to be on the rise with more than 31 million posts created on the platform each day. Tumblr’s young and trendy user base has led to site been attractive to creative minds interested in sharing original content not necessarily attention grabbing news like material. Individuals on Tumblr like to share original ideas and thoughts in their various communities that usually like comedic, satirical and sarcastic content. This has led Tumblr to be the progenitor of several internet trends like some popular memes.

After Yahoo! Inc. announced it was acquiring Tumblr in May 2013, several of Tumblr’s users were unhappy with the news. However despite several criticisms regarding the acquisition and user interface changes in 2015 the platform remains a budding social media network. So whether you’re new to microblogging and/or Tumblr it is very easy to setup a blog on Tumblr with the themes listed below. Tumblr allows you control everything and customize how your blog looks to visitors. It is possible edit raw HTML on your Tumblr blog or you can pick one of the following free Tumblr themes to download and customize your the appearance of your blog.

Below are some of the best free Tumblr themes:



Our first free Tumblr themes is Ashely. Ashely is a versatile Tumblr theme. It is responsive, minimal, and content oriented. It is a multipurpose theme ideal for blogs with a different types of content. Ashely supports all Tumblr post types making it ideal for all your sharing needs.



sugar portfolio tumblr blog

Looking for a portfolio style blog ideal for creatives like artists and photographers. Sugar offers simple navigation sidebar and a neat design with its grid layout. Its responsive layout is good for smaller devices with pleasant column arrangements.


Material Designed Material Designed

Material Designed is not as robust as other free themes however it offers a great starting point for building your Tumblr theme. With some knowledge of CSS and HTML and an editor you can create awesome looking Material Designed template in no time.


Pop Gallery Lite pop gallery lite theme for tumblr cms

This is the free version of this theme but don’t let that fool you. Pop Gallery Lite is a great theme to your portfolio of art, photography, paintings with visually brilliant and smooth effects. Ideal for a portfolio site. This theme makes presentation of your content beautiful with its circle thumbnails with animated content being active on the homepage.


Hipster Hipster

This is another free theme that has a premium version. The free version is however loaded with features such as Instagram integration for displaying your latest photos, sticky content, sidebar for displaying important details and ability to navigate using your keyboard.



simple 3 column tumblr theme
Impulse is a minimalist theme for photographers, writers and artists. It has a masonry three column design with infinite scrolling. This theme definitely makes your content more visually appealing.



Simplify Theme
Content focused theme Simplify offers a modern design that focuses on the information you want to display. The theme has a truly simply look that makes it amazing for news, articles and informative text sites. It confines most of its HTML elements to a navigation menu button displayed on each page, leaving a sleek mobile look. Simplify supports Google Analytics and Discuss.



wordy tumblr theme for designers
If you love Tumblr you will love Wordy. This theme offers what you need in a Tumblr theme from infinite scrolling to social media icons to buttons for sharing your content.



Oscar Theme
For all your blogging needs use Oscar. This theme can be used in many different ways. Whether you want a simple blog, a platform to share your thoughts as stories or articles about any particular subject area Oscar is the free theme for you. Oscar is highly customizable and many features like analytics integration, a comments system, social media icons and a responsive design.




Indy is a responsive free theme that fits blogs with regular post updates. Its features include a three column design with infinite scrolling.



Spire Theme

Spire is your traditional Tumblr theme with features such as ability to use visual content in your posts, put up a header image, and choose between using a blog title or no blog title. This free theme also supports comments using the Disqus platform.




A single column tumble theme. This free theme is for users who want to display their blog posts using a unique perspective. You can try this theme for its single page design. It also has a responsive layout.




Professionals who want to showcase their images in a clean and minimalistic layout would like this free theme. Individuals, companies and brands would appreciate the quality of this theme to showcase their images. Minimalism has whatever feature you need to customize your blog like social media icons, sticky sidebar navigation menu, infinite scroll, content grid management, custom header and even language translation options.



Lookbook Theme

An awesome theme for Tumblr fans obsessed with photography. A photographer with images to showcase will not get better than this responsive theme with grid layout.




With Flare you will a getting a blogger favorite theme. Flare allows you to create a blog for multimedia content sharing especially for animated visuals like gifs and videos. However, it can also be used for images. Its features include a five-column masonry grid layout that makes browsing large amounts of content user-friendly. This theme allows you to deliver interactive content to your users in a memorable.




This theme offers a range of features like a full-screen header, infinite scroll, and a responsive layout. With Brick you get a theme that allows your theme to be unique.


Prima Donna

Prima Donna

Just like the name suggests this theme built with girls in mind. Full of the colour pink and flowers it makes for a very girly theme. Prima Donna allows you to change how your content looks each time, even if the content is different. It is responsive.



Free Tumblr Theme
The new version of this theme looks beautiful and exciting. Full of high-resolution imagery, it makes posts bright and sleek. Sidebar has custom designs for each type of content.


Cosmic Cosmic

For a free theme Cosmic is loaded with several features including two sidebars. Yes that’s correct, two sidebars! One on the left side and one the right they can both be customized to whatever you want. The right one can be used as a navigation menu for pages, links, forms and other important information while the one on the left can be used to display widgets for your Instagram or Twitter feeds (can display both), other social information and display logos. It is truly a different style to most if the themes in our post here.



Footnote is one of the best free Tumblr themes for writers and publishers. It has a modern one column design to display your posts like pages to separate them, bold customizable colors and image displays for your posts.


Skyfall Skyfall Theme

Another photography inclined theme. Skyfall is a colourful theme that is good for displaying images. The theme uses the front page as a gallery as image only posts will show up there. A lightbox allows users to view the content while remaining on the front page. Even if more than one image has been added to the post, the lightbox affords visitors to browse the pictures from the front page.


Writing Pad Writing Pad

Several themes promise to be themes for writers, but Writing Pad is a theme that truly delivers that promise. We can talk about all the features it has for a writer’s theme but what is really eye-catching is the visual design. Writing Pad has a slightly titled interface to resemble your hand written journal. With all its design features and characteristics it makes a great blog for any writer.


Yuki Yuki

Yuki is a theme for those who want to display mostly images or visual content. That makes it a nice theme for photographers. It has a really minimalist design as the homepage is basically a list of image thumbnails. It is great for those who just want to upload a series of posts based around photos or similar content.


Svbtle Svbtle Theme A Tumblr theme inspired by Svbtle.com created by a href http matteoroversi.com target blank Matteo. a

Svbtle is a theme that is based of the design of a blogging platform by the same name. So if you are a Svbtle user or lover this free theme would give you the exact same look for your site.


Verse Verse

Verse is a no-frills do the job theme. It is very much focussed on your content and does a solid job of displaying it. Verse allows you to customize your header image that will appear across all the posts and pages on your site. Its other features include a customizable sidebar for content like images and other content, integration with Google Analytics and Disqus for comments. Verse is also social media friendly, it has icons that can like to social profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Github, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, SoundCloud, WordPress, Pinterest, YouTube and Video.


Effector Theme Effector Theme

What can be said about this theme is that it is feature packed. Offering more than forty unique features, the Effector theme has put in their design what bloggers actually need to create beautiful sites. It’s many features include infinite scrolling, variety of layouts, full customization, social icons, Twitter feed and many more. Download the Effector theme and watch your Tumblr blog transform.




Gravity is a theme with emphasis on image sharing. If you are all about sharing your beautifully shot photos on your blog, this is the theme for you. With its masonry grid you get a visually stunning display of your content. Gravity is responsive, translation ready and supports custom colors and custom images.


Shiyori Shiyori

This Shiyori theme is elegance simplified. With its infinite scrolling homepage it delivers your content in sleek navigation system. Shiyori allows bloggers to use all available post types, therefore it ideal for blogs with different types of content. Navigation does not have to be a problem because it has a search widget and a system for internal tagging that makes looking for all your site’s content easy and quick.


Orange Pop Orange Pop

Orange Pop is a vibrant looking theme with its orange colour scheme. Apart from that, it offers the normal experience of a simple theme. It has a sidebar to put your social links, a Twitter feed and custom text elements. Orange Pop’s layout is a bit traditional but its meets all your modern blogging needs.


Let’s Go Pink Lets Go Pink Theme

For any who loves the colour pink and maybe all other girly things in life, Let’s Go Pink is an option for you. As the name suggests the colour scheme is pink and has sidebar just your bio. Its a creative theme for whatever content you want to share.


Royal Royal

Tumblr themes for writers don’t seem to be many, do they? While most Tumblr themes seem to focus on images and visual content, we have another great theme for writers called Royal. Its full focus in text us almost obsessive, with a minimalist design you enjoy both writing and reading with this theme. Royal will take your article, story, opinion piece or whatever you write and make it look fantastic.


SuperStudio Superstudio

If you have a personal project, a business or brand, or you’re just a freelancer looking to display your latest developments and projects. SuperStudio’s professional design would make your site look authentic and trustworthy. SuperStudio was developed by the Chinese community with a clean and dynamic interface.


Harbour Harbour

This theme looks like a regular site not a Tumblr blog. With its transparent effect design and sleek layout you can achieve a lot this Harbour theme.


Wallstocker wallstocker tumblr grid theme

Anything with stock in the title seems to be about photos and Wallstocker is no different. Wallstocker has a minimalist design for displaying all your pictures whether its stock photos or personal pictures. The theme is responsive and mobile-ready.



pop gallery lite theme
Everyone seems to be into minimalist designs these days. Pation is another that takes minimalism to heart. Ideal for a portfolio website to showcase your projects or photos. The unique design is responsive and has social icons for sharing.



void - free tumblr theme for creatives

Void is a versatile portfolio theme with infinite scrolling. The versatility of this responsive theme makes it suitable for different purposes. A special feature it has is its light box preview effect for photos.


Pocket Folio Pocket Folio

Pocket Folio is unique responsive Tumblr theme. It’s simple stylish display of features images on its homepage makes this theme awesome for a quotes site or images in general. The post pages also have great image displays.



A theme made with only Tumblr fans in mind. Shade has a grid layout good for sites with plenty of content and updates. It responsive mature make sure the grid automatically adjusts on different devices for a great view always.



Optica is simple looking responsive theme. Its flat design emphasizes its typography above everything else.


Catching Elephant Catching Elephant

This free Tumblr theme brings the feeling of nostalgia as it keeps the classic Tumblr look. It’s a fun theme with features like highlight light when you hover over posts.


Deluge Tumblr Theme deluge

Thinking of luxury think Deluge. This theme has a grid system that is fantastic in design and development.


Vacant Tumblr Theme v1.2 vacant

A minimalist theme for a site with plenty content. That is what Vacant v1.2 is about. It’s 2 column style is suitable for showcasing large content.


Rubric Tumblr Theme Rubric

Full of full-screen background images this theme is impressive is sensational. It has a magazine style layout and is definitely one of the more attractive themes house can find in this list.


Inform One Column Theme Inform

Inform is the simplest of themes, one column to share any form of content you to share. Very easy work with, its clean background makes easy reading for text you post.


Editorist Infinite Scroll Theme Editorist

This theme allows about letting your content stand out. It is well integrated with Tumblr having it’s own like and reblog buttons. You enable infinite scrolling with this theme too if you fancy that option.


Modern Grid Infinite Scroll Theme Modern Grid

Modern Grid features a 3 large columnS with bold contrasting colours. It has a sidebar for a short bio or about section. You can even put just your social icons there if you want. The masthead is expandable which makes for an interesting feature.


Retrospective Grid Layout Theme Retrospective Theme

Photos would love to be displayed on this theme because it allows the pictures to take center stage. No accompanying content is shown until you over a picture in this theme. You can use this free theme for your photo blog.


Luci – One Column Tumblr Theme


Luci has created a lightweight theme just for high-resolution pictures. Share amazing high definitions with this theme.


Magazine Grid based Infinite Scroll Theme

Magazine Theme

Publishers and writers would love this theme with its magazine style design. This full featured theme is modern looking with large headers for captivating headlines. Tumblr bloggers would love this theme.


Telpher Tumblr Theme


Telpher infinite scrolling and 3 column grid is well placed for different types of content. It has a nice fixed sidebar and layout that has customizable colours.


One Theme


A gallery theme to display images and visual content. Its full width style gallery is good for photographers with lots of photos to display on their blogs. It has 3 column grid which is responsive to adjust to mobile devices.


Los Angeles Theme tumblr theme

The theme just like the city is classy. The grid system of this theme has rounded edges to make it look different from other themes. Los Angeles theme has a sidebar on the left for text you want to include like an about section.




This theme offers an adaptable grid to display your content. It’s masonry style displays whatever type of content you put on your site. OhMyGrid is the kind of theme for bloggers who upload different forms of content.


Tidy Tumblr Theme tidy

Tidy takes minimalism to another level. The theme is so neat it displays only your pictures on a pastel white background. A really tidy theme (pun intended) from runrunrobot.

Bright Day – One Column Tumblr Theme Bright Day

This free Bright Day theme is a bold theme with a huge header image. The simple one column theme is elegance for text focused content. A feature it has is a image thumbnail for each post.


AppBlog Theme AppBlog Theme

A theme that is quick and easy to setup, you can get your site up and running in minutes. AppBlog makes those who have written code grateful to have a theme like this. It takes all the out of blogging and makes the whole blogging experience easy.


VHX – Full-screen Video Theme vhx

This theme is basically to show case a video. For example if you have a promotional video or advert for your brand you to show to the public, VHX makes it possible.


Club Monaco – Fashion Lifestyle Tumblr Theme Club Monaco Theme

Maybe you a need a more niche theme, instead of the many multipurpose themes we have listed in this post. Club Monaco is a theme for fashion bloggers who want to create a tantalizing fashion blog on Tumblr. The theme is responsive and minimalistic blog style features included.


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